DiscoverText is a cloud-based,
collaborative text analytics solution


With dozens of powerful text mining features, the DiscoverText software solution provides tools to quickly and accurately make better decisions.

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A platform to collect, clean, and analyze text and social data streams

Users build custom machine classifiers or sifters. Whether by an individual, group, or crowd, DiscoverText takes a process of what used to last weeks or months down to hours.

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Humans and machines learning together


Humans are good at some things while computers are good at others. A consistent back and forth between human coders and machines increases the ability of both to learn, and makes for accurate results.

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Cluster information to better find trends

Deduplication and automated clustering by the similarity of items in large text collections gives users a high level sense of the social data landscape.

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Filter in multiple ways to be more precise in your search

Filter by date, other metadata, complex search queries, human coding, clustering, or machine classification scores. Stack multiple filters for highly refined results.

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Search through raw data using key words

Discover topics and train machine-learning classifiers to recognize relevant text and social media data.

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