Twitter’s Complete Index is Live

Twitter recently announced that the indexed data at would stretch all the way back to the dawn of Twitter’s timeline “between Dec. 30, 2006 and Jan. 2, 2007.” This is an impressive feat representing a massive capability upgrade. This new service lets users glimpse into any day or days in Twitter history to display the Tweets responsive to simple keyword or exact phrase queries using basic language filters.

There are also intuitive filters for filtering by user accounts and places.

The result is a seemingly limitless cascade of Tweets in the familiar Twitter display mode. We think this is a powerful new tool that should be used in conjunction with our Sifter historical Twitter data tool to test out keywords and phrases that may be used when creating free estimates to license Twitter data.

For more information, watch our video on using Gnip PowerTrack filters then contact us about how to us Twitter’s complete index to improve the quality and performance of your historical Twitter research.



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