Scholarly Mentions of DiscoverText

There are now 60 scholarly mentions of the role DiscoverText plays in research you can look to for examples of social data collection and research. We find them on Google scholar and would be very grateful if you publish a conference paper, an article, or a book, please send us a note ( with the Title and best URL to help other people find your work. Scholarly mentions of the tools and your methods help new DiscoverText users locate best practices and will lead to greater citation of your work in new literature.

We are also pleased to share a wonderful testimonial ( occassioned by the publication of “The Internet and European Integration: Pro- and Anti-EU Debates in Online News Media” by Asimina Michailidou, Hans-Jörg Trenz and Pieter de Wilde. Asimina writes:

DiscoverText made it possible for us to capture, map and deconstruct online political talk about the European Union found in a variety of online sources: Twitter, Facebook, political blogs, forums and online news platforms. The flexibility of DiscoverText is simply wonderful: A project involving 8 coders, sitting in 4 different European cities and working in many different languages could have easily turned into a methodological disaster, but DiscoverText enabled us to process all kinds of text from several countries in a very systematic and consistent manner. Stu has been very supportive throughout our project, always responding to our queries swiftly and efficiently. For us, there is no doubt that DiscoverText is an indispensable tool for online media research!

We love to hear success stories. If you have one to share, send it over and we will add you to the list. Finally, we have some leftover t-shirts from recent trade shows, including an AC/DC-inspired shirt from Big Data TechCon. We will mail you a shirt for the price of a Tweet. To get a free shirt, post something on Twitter about the academic uses of DiscoverText. Then, send us your postal address and a link to the Tweet ( and we will mail you a shirt. Please indicate Mens or Womens and preferred t-shirt size. Thanks, ~Stu

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