Dr. Jacob Groshek Interview

Dr. Jacob Groshek is a researcher, writer, editor, fearless traveler and media analyst.  He has lived in a variety of places such as English, Australia, and France.  His focus is on publishing original research on communication technology, politics, and society.  His research interests is testing communication theories in real-world applications.  Specifically, he studies how media can change things by intentionally or unintentionally persuading, empowering, and engaging citizens. 


Tell me about yourself.
I am an Assistant Professor of Emerging Media at Boston University, Hariri Institute Junior Faculty Fellow (2016), a founding member of the Boston Civic Media Consortium, a Communication Research Center Fellow.  Additionally, I am the founding editor of the Journal of Communication and Technology, former head of the AEJMC Communication Technology Division, and full member of the Netherlands School of Communication Research (NeSCoR) and a Visiting Scholar for the Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse (IAST)

How did you first get involved with Discovertext?
I was looking for a way to collect and analyze data.

What was your first impression of Discovertext?
I was skeptical. But shortly learned the value of a useful interface in data collection and coding.

How do you use Discovertext?
Mostly in teaching, but also as a data collection portal.

Tell me about some of the projects you have used with DiscoverText?
A project titled Public Sentiment and Critical Framing in Social Media Content During the 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaign in the Social Science Computer Review.

What has surprised you most about working with DiscoverText?
Its data portals and flexibility in coding.

What are your two favorite things about DiscoverText?
Machine learning and collaboration.

To learn more about Dr. Jacob Groshek please visit his website and follow him on Twitter.


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