Discovertext now has 70 scholarly mentions

“DiscoverText made it possible for us to capture, map and deconstruct online political talk about the European Union found in a variety of online sources: Twitter, Facebook, political blogs, forums and online news platforms.” – Dr. Asimina Michailidou, Senior Researcher at the ARENA centre for european studies, University of Oslo

Discovertext is an important tool for researchers to streamline their data collection in order to quickly and accurately make better decisions.  Two recent articles by Jill Hopke titled Hashtagging politics: Transnational anti-fracking movement Twitter practices, and ” Discourse over a contested technology on Twitter: A case study of hydraulic fracturing” mean that Discovertext has hit 70 scholarly mentions! See the full list of scholarly mentions with links. This is a trove of information for students needing to write up their methodology in a lit review for a paper or thesis.

As an appreciation, we will be interviewing influential academic users who have used Discovertext in their research.  We will be seeking information on how they use Discovertext, why they use it, and their favorite features.  

If you are interested in searching and retrieving data from the complete history of Twitter we are holding a series of drawings that will give away Historical Twitter days, Tweet data credits, and Enterprise account access to Discovertext




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    I am lecturer and a researcher and have just completed my PhD but my new area of interest is social media analytics. I also have experience with text and data mining. I need help and assistance to be able to have access to right tools to carry out my research especially on issues in Africa and my country (Nigeria), inclusive.

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