DiscoverText User Reports: Interviews and Focus Groups

We invite past, current, and potential DiscoverText academic users to take part in interviews and focus groups about the platform.

Our goal is to improve DiscoverText’s access and visibility to a wider community of academic users (for whom use is free), and report to the head of academic research at Twitter on key issues in the current research ecosystem.

Please confirm your interest in participation by filling this form:

Phase I: Interviews (Estimated Timeline June 25-July 25, 2022)

Phase I consists of the following steps:

– Set up a free group account (that will support up to 10 users and allow for storage of up to 1,000,000 Tweets) for research and non-commercial purposes. 

– Review key tutorial videos:

Especially the “The Case Against Spreadsheets as a Primary Twitter Research Tool”:

And some of the papers that have used DiscoverText:

– Test core DiscoverText features for collecting, storing, and analyzing data. 

– Answer a brief survey consisting of three open-ended questions. 

– Schedule and participate in a 15- to 30- minute online interview before July 25, 2022.

Phase II: Focus Groups (Estimated Timeline July 30-August 15, 2022)

We will invite highly engaged participants from Phase I to join a 2-hour recorded focus group. 

Each participant will present a 6-minute talk (Pecha Kucha style) about their current research using DiscoverText. Dr. Shulman will lead a group discussion about the state of academic Twitter research methods, tools, and ethics.

Participants who complete both Phase I and Phase II will be entered in a drawing to receive a US$100 Amazon gift card.

About DiscoverText

DiscoverText enables users to analyze large amounts of textual data using machine learning techniques. Users can either collect data directly from certain websites such as Twitter, or import their data in various formats (CSV, txt, XML…).

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